Over the years as my media channels have grown I am finding that I am receiving more and more collaboration requests on a weekly basis. I absolutely ADORE that so many wonderful people are seeking to work with me and I thank you for getting in touch with me!

Right now my collaborative project load is becoming quite overwhelming and I find that it eats into my being able to actually record songs for my album and upcoming video games and for my patrons etc – but seriously, you guys send me such great songs to collab on that I just cannot refuse! :)

I have decided to put a price list in place here for you guys, and I hope that my prices are reasonable enough that you still want to work with me!

(Do you have a parody you want me to sing? Or an idea for a parody?)

*A parody with YOUR lyrics written to 100% COMPLETION: FREE
*A parody IDEA with PARTIAL lyrics written: £25
A parody IDEA with NO lyrics written: NOT ACCEPTING

*I will purchase the karaoke track.


YOUR composition with NO written lyrics or assigned vocal melodies: £100 ♩♩
♩♩ Depending on additional work and vocal extras, these prices are subject to change

I am not a confident composer and therefore do not offer services to create original pieces of music.

(Patrons can request covers without additional charge)

Cover request: £35

Upon song completion, I request that my song be made public to my patrons 24 hours before it becomes available anywhere else. I also request that it be made available on my Youtube channel (with no upload delays if part of a collaboration), but not exclusive to it. Once completed, you have the right to do whatever you like with the song including selling and enabling for monetization when allowed. ETA for song completion will vary depending on length of song, how complicated the vocals are etc but I will strive to complete within 2 weeks. All payments to be made (if applicable) through PayPal and upfront.

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