New Songs Added

Hiya everyone!

The follow songs have been added to the song page:

♪ Shape Of My Heart
♪ Uhh Wee – With Gigi
♪ Revenant
♪ Come, Rise Up, Sylvari Sing!
♪ Welcome To Farlight
♪ The First Time Ever I Saw You Snake

Enjoy :)

New Songs Added

Hiya everyone!

The follow songs have been added to the song page:

♪ Raids – With EternalAngel
♪ What A Wonderful World
♪ Like This – With Gigi
♪ May It Be
♪ Grinding – With Gigi & Kavo
♪ In The Jungle
♪ Frozen

Enjoy :)

New Songs Available For Download

Hey Guys!

New songs have been added to my songs page!

♪ Rekin’ Groups
♪ All About My Base
♪ The Christmas Song
♪ Ogri’La
♪ 90 Boost – With TamaLala & Gigi
♪ Lady Sylvanas – With The Val’kyr Battle-Maidens
♪ Let Me Know Ya Grind – With Gigi


New songs available for download

“Hello Kitty”, “Will You Still Play Me”, “Start Up This Raid”, “You’re A Horde” & “Gankin’ On” are now all available for free download HERE.

Also, I have been working very hard on my album “Whispers”. I finished another song for it today called “Lonely Shore”. It’s so difficult writing and recording songs and not being able to share them with everyone! But I have 4 more songs to complete before the album will be finished. I am so excited to finally have written an album…and I cannot wait to show you all!

Oh, Naima Oh, Bort

Through gritted teeth I uploaded Naima & Bort today. I hate uploading work that I am not at LEAST 75% pleased with. I’ve just had a complete love/hate relationship with this song since the minute I sat down to write it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the way the music itself sounds, but my bloody vocals were driving me insane! I’ve been working on this song for months and every time I’ve sat down and thought “Come on Jenna, today we finish this!” I just … don’t! It’s a relief to lay it to rest for the time being and get my teeth back into Dark Reverie.

I think my problem is that I’m really over-complicating the mixing, thinking too much about how one instrument sounds in one ear, how another instrument isn’t blending quite right, how my vocal is too loud/soft… Maybe I should just spend a day writing and recording with ZERO hangups and THEN focus on the nitty gritty.

Aside from that, Turel showed me to some AWESOME VST addons by DSK! Got a few new instruments under my belt to throw into the mix now ~ so thanks for that Turel!

Click here for DSK Virtual Instruments

Dark Reverie & Pirates

Hello 2014! Hello 2 new songs!
I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and aren’t suffering too much from all that food and wine ;)

Iain and I had a relatively quiet Christmas and New Years Eve. It was our first Christmas in our new home so we decided to have a quiet night in together with Maggie (our Springer Spaniel). We had a lovely time, including Maggie who ate her own size in roast beef!

Some of you may have heard my old oooooold SUPER old song, Reverie, which was my first ever released original. I have always wanted to remaster it because…*somehow* I only recorded the piano out of the left side…and also because my musical setup is Sooo much better now. I have been working on it and have quite a bit of it re-written, with harps and distorted guitars and I am reeeeeally enjoying the new sound of it. I decided to rename it Dark Reverie as…it sounds cool ;) This should be released before the end of January.

A Guild Wars 2 inspired song, centralized on the NPCs Naima and Bort, found in the Black Market of Lions Arch. I stumbled across these two characters a while back and loved their back story, including their in-game dialogue. I began writing the song about them and absolutely lurrrrved the way it sounded. Somewhere along the line though my motivation for that particular song dwindled and I just stopped working on it, however after taking a refreshing “inspiration gaining” break from music over December, I am very excited to get to work on it!

Happy New Year!

Anyway, from Maggie & I ~ we wish you are very happy New Year and wish you luck with all your New Years resolutions! xoxo

Merry Christmas & Happy 2014


As you can see, my website is currently undergoing some much needed major changes. It is lighter, simpler, and (hopefully) easier to navigate! The forum is also still open to all who are interested in joining a small and extremely volatile community ;)

For those wondering, I am currently taking December off so I am not going to be releasing anymore music until January.

But as the title says, Merry Christmas everyone ~ I hope you have a wonderful day and I shall see you all again when the new year begins!