I am a singer/songwriter and have been singing since the age of 13. I first started singing in my bedroom creating my own pretend radio station and then singing along to all of the songs. I then went on to join the school Choir which I participated in through my entire secondary school education. I participated in many musicals and plays such as Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat and Lady Macbeth in which I played the lead. I also dedicated my time to music out of school hours, choosing to participate in an extra GSCE for music in which I achieved a grade B. My school decided not to actually allow any pupils to take a GSCE in music as there weren’t enough people signed up, however I made a petition to my Head Master stating that it was very unfair that my future career in music may be stunted because my school could not provide a music GCSE class for us. I was successful in my petition and was able to partake in a music GSCE after school hours.

I also had regular piano lessons every Friday and achieved Grade I in said instrument. I am also an average drummer, but a very under-average guitar player although I have always tried to learn.
For the time being, I am using my bedroom as a studio where I record all of my music. I use the software Mixcraft 6 to edit my songs, Blue Icicle to achieve a good sound quality and a C1 Beringher microphone.

On a more personal note, I am somewhat a bit of an Empath. I feel emotions very strongly, that of my own and of others and sometimes it can really “zap” my energy. I have found that the only way to keep a happy equilibrium is through singing as it allows me to offload so many emotions and leaves me feeling relieved and freer.

I spend on average about 3 hours a day answering messages and emails, recording ideas and songs and maintaining my Facebook and Youtube channel. It can be an extremely time consuming procedure, but very rewarding.
I would like to thank all of my viewers who have followed me for over 6 years on Youtube and I appreciate your on-going support.


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